Using Your Corner Weights
8 Ball Corvair of Tom Wilcox - artwork by NightshadeInk

The calculator below does all the math the digial scales do. Hey, it's really simple math, but sometimes we make simple math mistakes. This calculator will show you all your data and all you need to do is to enter the weight on each wheel and press calculate my results. The calculator will display Total Weight, Left Side Weight, Right Side Weight, Front Weight, Rear Weight, Cross Weight, both in pounds (lbs.) and percentages (%).

Yes, you can generate the numbers with a pencil & paper or a simple pocket calculator, I just found it challenging to write the JavaScript code so this web page could do it for you. It was a fun thing to do and a useful tool to play with corner weights in "what if" situations.

RoyThanks to the NECC for the above graphic of the "8 Ball Corvair" as I call it. This beautiful Corvair is owned by Tom Wilcox.

  Input Your Corner Weights
Left Front lbs. Right Front lbs.
Left Rear lbs. Right Rear lbs.

  Your Results
Total Weight = pounds
Left Side Weight = lbs. = % Right Side Weight = lbs. = %
Front Weight = lbs. = % Rear Weight = lbs. = %
Cross Weight = lbs. = % Wedge
Cross Weight Analysis

• NOTE •
It is generally considered, by some of the leading set up experts,
that 48.5%, and not 50%, is the actual point between having a TIGHT & LOOSE race car.

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